Friday, September 19, 2008

missing them.

I sit here, missing them.

they are only right in the next room playing, together.
what complete joy my daughters have brought into my life.
changed me,
for the better...way better.
I have to go to our house inspection tonight for 3 hours,
home to nurse miley and than off again...
to work the game.
I already miss them.
Thank you God, for blessing ME...with them!
I can get lost for hours watching them play.

2 You Love Me:

Kristine said...

:**) I feel the same way. Watching your children play together and love each other is the greatest gift anyone could receive.

Tutu said...

Just wait until they are older and every sweet moment has the potential to turn into a major battle. It makes you appreciate the sweet times even more. Or makes you want to duct tape them together and lock them in their room until they can just get along already!

(Can you tell I've had a looonngg week?)