Monday, December 1, 2008

No, Not Me Monday

It's almost over, but eyh better late than never...
I did not lay in bed today watching the boob tube while hubby cleaned the house, no not me.
I did not allow Hannah to go to school in some tattered jeans with a bit of dirty stained knees, no not me.
I did not put a fleece onepiece on Miley because I was too lazy to go downstairs and get a pair of PJ's after her bath, no certainly not me.
I did not once again get hurt by a family member at a gathering on Saturday, no not me.
I did not tell my mom we would just invite them here on Christmas day, no not me.
I do not still hurt because of this family member and cry every night because of it, no not me.
I did not put loads of sour cream in my chili...twice, no not me.

1 You Love Me:

Tutu said...

Ummmm, can I borrow your hubby?

Sorry you have to deal with stuff like that from your family. (((Hugs)))