Friday, November 14, 2008

as I begin to type this EXCITING post, my almost 10 month old pulls my Nikon off on the desk! Lovely!
Just in time for Christmas Pictures!
2 x lightstand able to extend to 7 feet
2 x Perfect daylight
105watts bulb 6400K = 800 Watts
1 x Background Light Stands
1 x 35watt Background light 6400k
2 x 32" translucent umbrella
3 x AC Swivel adapter / umbrella holder
2 x Backdrop Support Stands up to 8.5 ft
4 x Section cross bar up to 10ft wide
One 6' x 9' Black Muslin Backdrop
One 6' x 9' White Muslin Backdrop
1 x Carrying case for backdrop stand


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Kristine said...


My Three Sons said...

is the camera ok!?!?!?!?!!?!??!
and did you just order that stuff or is it in your hot little hand?? either way I expect pics...very soon