Friday, November 28, 2008

just maybe

you might get a sneak peek of the new carpet upstairs tonight. The man and his brother are up in the loft cutting our doors because his wifee got really thick antimicrobial padding!
we had a wonderful Thanksgiving and were planning to put up the tree and decorate tonight but I think that may be done Sunday after Church!
I still have a TON (seems like so much more) of things to get organized!

Here's the sneak peak~
from left to right:
Miley's BR door, stairway going down, door going to third floor and the girl's playroom door.
it's called friz-ahh :) (short shag)
we LOVE it!

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My Three Sons said...

I like it. third floor...I'm jealous...a window seat, pocket doors AND a third floor. i don't even have a second floor :) j.k.