Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Bless A Woman Wednesday

so...each Wednesday I am going to pick someone who follows my blog to bless by words.
Play Along!
Today is Kristine.
This chic rocks, in every form of the word.
She is not only amazing, but very beautiful both inside and out.
She has one hot hubby and two beautiful daughters, R & M.
I don't know what has drawn me to this young lady...could be one of a million things.
We both love photography, our girls more than life, have the same taste is dressing our girls and the list goes on and on.
She is an incrediable wife to one awesome hubby.
They remind me of Mark and I in our :::coughyoungercough::: days!
Kris, my are a wonderful gal!
Have a BLESSED Day!

3 You Love Me:

Tutu said...

What a great idea! I think she's pretty awesome too. And you're not so bad yourself!

Kristine said...

Brandi!!! You've made my YEAR. :*)
Love you!!!

My Three Sons said...

aw!! great post. she is a pretty groovy chick :)