Monday, November 10, 2008

No, Not Me!

1. I did not sleep until 9:15 after being up EVERY hour last night, no not me!
2. I did not just eat 5 candy cane oreo's and shared one with Miss Miles, no not me!
3. I did not go to and put 6 things in my shopping bag, no not me!
4. I did not click on Brandi's blog to read this and than again to get to Mckmomma's to add my name, no not me!
5. I do not think about deleting this blog everytime I post because I just don't have the nitch for writing and sounding intelligent and make people want to come read more, no not me.
6. I do not have horrible self esteem, no WAY not me!
7. I do not miss my hubby and Hannah right now (work & school), no not me!
8. I do know what I am cooking for dinner tonight, no not me! (can I do that)
9. I do not have 6 gallons of paint ready to go on my walls but am too lazy to start, no not me!
10. I did not complete my very FIRST "No Not Me"!

5 You Love Me:

Brandi said...

Brandi, I enjoy reading your blog. You have a beautiful family and are very blessed. I hope my comment cheers you up :)

My Three Sons said...

Ok I think eating enabling should NOT be allowed in the Not Me's...candy cane oreos....?????
You're killin' me here! :)
Otherwise great job and great idea...did mine but was too lazy to put the icon. maybe I should list too. :)

btw Do NOT delete your blog!! trust me I know the feeling too but really 1~your writing isn't bad at all. 2~even if it was, someday it will still mean a lot to your family to be able to look back at a great chronological journal!!!

Ann said...

Great Not Me Monday. Welcome to the group. It's very freeing!

kay said...

Candy cane Oreos?! Sounds delicious!

Ashley Griffin said...

Mmmm candy cane oreos! sounds delish!