Saturday, November 29, 2008


BLAH! I want with all my heart to be able to take some great shots of my children.
Here are a few of my PopRockPrincess!

I had to B&W them to even get them to look viewable...I just don't know how to set up my lights and umbrella's.
going off to pout!

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jenn said...

brandi, at least you have a willing subject to practice on! yesterday i was working on my speedlight with a water baby, lol!! have you looked through the strobist site/blog? i want some alien bees, but i feel like i need to know what i'm doing with just the camera, first.

Kristine said...

Cute pics, B. I love the fifth one. You are VERY lucky to have a willing subject. Rylee cries and throws a fit if I ask to take her picture, lol! But I totally feel you on the frustration. I wish I knew what the heck I was doing :( Hugs.

My Three Sons said...

B,what did you get? I got my lights (continuos umbrellas) off ebay, super cheap but I'm realizing that they just aren't enough wattage and I'll be upgrading soon. but I typically work my setup some with a toy or something before using the kids and using up all their good smiles before I get the lights right. If you have a low wattage be sure to get them in as close as up possibly can without them being visible in the shot.

Tutu said...

I know nothing at all about lights and wattage and especially alien bees, but I think your pics are cute. I love the first one in the hat!